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“Sam Bright is one of a handful of journalists who have held a steady gaze on what history will reveal to be, likely, the greatest corruption scandal modern Britain has ever seen.”

Jolyon Maugham, Executive Director of the Good Law Project

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Bullingdon Club Britain is the story of how a privileged elite has emulated the infamous Oxford dining society – inflicting its debauchery and destruction on the nation to inflate its own power, money and ego.


Peter Oborne

Fortress London argues that to address Britain’s manifold problems, we need first to end the hegemony of its capital.


Owen Jones

Regional Inequality


Have worked for BBC Newsnight, Trending, the Briefing Room, People Fixing the World, Victoria Derbyshire, File On 4, and 5 Live Investigates.

Have appeared on Sky News, LBC, BBC Radio 4, the World Service, Double Down News, Joe Politics, Novara Live, France 5, and Byline TV.

Everything Else


Was the keynote speaker at the 2022 Let’s Gro festival in Groningen, Netherlands. Have also appeared at the Bristol Festival of Ideas, the University of Cambridge, York Festival of Ideas, the Fabian Society, Birkbeck University, Byline Festival, and the University of Exeter.


“One of the best reporters of his generation.”

John Sweeney

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